Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another chance to win a Sanguine Diamond replica ...


 Congratulations to:

Shortiepower for winning the Forum giveaway!!  

Susan Gould-Leighton for winning the Rafflecopter giveaway!!

**Contests have ended**
I'm hosting two different contests to win a 2 1/2" Sanguine Diamond replica and a FREE download of book 4, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny, which releases December 20th. 

One contest can be found on the forum, and the second contest is listed down below. You may enter both. Good Luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I've been asked about possibly shipping the diamond replica out of the USA. Shipping costs are fairly expensive for overseas packages. If the winner of the raffle lives outside of the USA, and is willing to pay the shipping cost to receive the package, then no problem.

    The free ebook offer is for everyone.

    1. thank You for your generosity I look forward to other adventures,sagas,stories. You are a writer that captures my imagination.
      P.S. and would be happy to pay on up and coming stories .

  2. Oh finally!!!! I have so been looking forward to this release. I finally get to find out what happens to the whole crew.I have had to read lesser books while waiting. You are gonna make my Christmas.

  3. Really can't wait for this one! definitely on my Christmas list & also wanted to thank you Lorena Angell for your great job of producing yet another can't-wait-for-it-think-im-going-to-die-without-it book KEEP IT UP

  4. Really want to see how the series finishes! December 20 it is