Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Diamond of Freedom is Released

It's a great time to jump head first into a 
unique Fantasy/Paranormal world! 

The 1st book is FREE, the 2nd and 3rd books are $3.99 each, 4th (final) book coming soon. 

A Diamond in my Pocket Amazon description:
Calli Courtnae, age 16, unexpectedly breaks the 100-meter world record at a high school track meet and is whisked off to Montana to train for Olympic tryouts. Upon arriving, however, she finds something totally unexpected. Her fellow athletes are secretive, mysterious, paranoid, uncommonly beautiful — and endowed with the same gift of superhuman speed that she now exhibits. The truth, Calli learns, is that she has been brought to Montana to join an elite clan of Runners who train to undertake highly secret missions for the benefit of superhuman kids everywhere.

When three Runners from her compound are kidnapped by a clan of evil terrorists who can kill with their thoughts, Calli is assigned to the team that must deliver a rare magic diamond to the terrorists in exchange for the hostages. Calli is just beginning to accept her new world when it is turned upside-down by a mysterious woman who secretly gives Calli the real diamond, while the team leader is given a decoy. Almost immediately the magic diamond in Calli’s pocket unleashes within her a startling range of supernatural powers and mind-reading abilities. Using her new-found powers, Calli exposes traitors among her team, discovers that the hottest-looking guy on the team believes she is his soul-mate, has visions of her companions’ tragic futures, and learns that she alone holds the power to change their futures. While Calli knows that her powers derive from the secret diamond in her pocket, her companions do not, and Calli dreads the fast-approaching day when they will discover the truth.

A Diamond in my Pocket (numbers updated 7/11/2013)
  • Named a Breakout Book by iTunes iBookstore Feb 2013 where it is rated with 4.5 stars / 150 ratings. 
  • Barnes&Noble NOOK readers give it 4.5 stars / 485 ratings
  • Amazon Kindle readers give it 4.5 stars / 46 reviews 
  • Goodreads readers give it 3.92 stars / 303 ratings 41 reviews
  • Many readers liken the series to The Hunger Games for its pace and overall feel. Many fans of the Twilight series also like The Unaltered Series.

In Feb 2013, Thomas Hall, Ph.D., a retired Professor of English joined my team as editor. The books now have good flow and proper grammar. (English wasn't my favorite subject in school. Thanks for your help, Dr. Hall!) The major plot points were unaltered, no pun intended.

Take a break from your regular life and jump head first into an exciting world of powers and abilities that will leave you wondering what is really right or wrong, good or bad, black or white --or some concoction of black and white resulting in several varying shades. Where perspective depends on what you've been taught compared to what you allow yourself to see.

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