Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Diamond in my Pocket STILL on
Barnes&Noble Teen Bestseller list

Amazing summer! Many thanks to all my readers who have helped The Unaltered Series to climb the charts at Barnes&Noble for NOOK.  
A Diamond in my Pocket is still ranked around 140 on the Teen Bestseller list with a B&N sales rank of 1,521. Now the book has 175 reviews with an overall 4.5stars. 

"Pocket's" success has boosted sales for A Diamond in my Heart as well which has a current B&N sales rank of 8,549 and 50 reviews with an overall 4.5 stars.

Thanks again to my many readers and please continue to share my books with your friends!

**UPDATE** Book 3, THE DIAMOND OF FREEDOM, is now available!
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