Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Unaltered Series Six Months on UK Charts

I'm quite excited to be able to say The Unaltered Series books have maintained their positions on the UK Amazon charts for over six months! All four books have consistently remained ranked under 100 on one or more category's charts. So, here's a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to my UK readers. Thanks for your support.

A Diamond in My Pocket, book one; A Diamond in My Heart, book two; and The Diamond of Freedom, book three, have all reached the #1 position. Book four, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny reached the #3 spot.
The picture shows all four books in the #8, #10, #12, & #14 positions, dated September 4th, 2014. This screen shot is special because book one, A Diamond in My Pocket, is on the same chart as the other four books. Book one is usually free and listed on the Free List. However, for a short time, the Amazon gods switched my listing. They do that from time to time. I was thrilled to have caught a still-shot of the moment.

Also, I'm happy to announce I have my first Diamond Bearer from the UK. A lovely school teacher from England was the winner of my last Diamond Giveaway. Congratulations, Miss Hine!

If you are one of my Diamond Bearers, please send me a picture of your diamond so I can post it on my Diamond Bearers Wall. Cell phone pics work great. You can send it through my Facebook page.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exciting Update and a Diamond Giveaway

In celebration of reaching 200,000 downloads of A Diamond in My Pocket, I'm hosting a giveaway for a 2 1/2" crystal Sanguine Diamond replica made popular in The Unaltered Series YA fantasy novels. 
Click Here to enter the giveaway.
Read the latest exciting updates concerning The Unaltered Series here.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A DIAMOND IN MY HEART now an Amazon #1 Bestseller in the U.S. and the U.K.!

Exciting news to share with you. A Diamond in My Heart, book two in The Unaltered Series, recently topped the charts in the U.K., reaching number one in the metaphysical genre fiction category. Previously, the book hit the U.S. number one slot in fantasy anthologies.

Downloads for book one, A Diamond in My Pocket have also skyrocketed in the U.K., following the release of the newly edited manuscript released on June 28th, 2014. Books three and four, The Diamond of Freedom and The Diamond Bearers' Destiny, have hit the top ten in the metaphysical genre fiction category in the U.K.

I'm incredibly grateful to my readers and to those who have given my books a chance. You are helping me achieve my dreams . . . and hopefully you felt the read was entertaining and worth your time.

I hope you'll check out The Unaltered Series forum and say "Hi." I'd love to hear from you!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Unaltered Diamond Series Almost Ready For Print

Even though my Kickstarter campaign didn't reach success, I'm still moving forward with my goal to print The Unaltered Series. At last count, just over 160,000 total downloads of the four books combined have taken place since May 2011 (the majority coming from book one because it's a free book available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and many other formats.)

My goal is to print all four books and send sets to school libraries so more teens and preteens can have the opportunity to read my books for free. Not everyone owns a digital device to read ebooks. Some people simply prefer physical books over digital ones. This is one of the biggest reasons I want to provide school libraries with a set of the series at my cost. If you'd like your school library to be added to the list to receive the series, leave a comment below naming the school, city, and state.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's put A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET into print!

Hello to my readers and supporters! The long awaited milestone is about to happen . . . getting book one, A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET, put into print.

I'll be launching a campaign beginning on (or shortly after), February 18th. Once the campaign launches, I'll post the link on this blog. The goal amount of $6,800 will make it possible to pay for the professional edit, layout expenses, cover art, and printing expenses. I've put together some way-awesome incentive packages to entice you to consider becoming a funder. 

For example: At the $35 dollar level, you can get a 2 1/2" crystal Sanguine Diamond replica. 

At the $50 dollar level, you can get a diamond replica and a first-edition print copy of A DIAMOND IN MY POCKET. 

There will be various levels of funding to choose from, each with some type of swag for you. 

I want to give you something to look back upon and be able to say "Wow--I worked with that writer when she was just getting started."

Even though my books have been out for a couple years, the momentum is just beginning to take off. Now that all four of the books are complete, putting them into print, beginning with book one, will make them available to more readers.

I'm sending out great-big-virtual hugs to everyone who has supported me so far. THANK YOU!  

Friday, December 20, 2013


Happy Release Day!!

In the Amazon Bestselling final installment of The Unaltered Series, Calli learns about Chris's motives behind the recent events, and tries to understand his dilemmas, while at the same time she learns what the big picture actually is, and where she fits. 

General Harding figures out what lies at the heart of Agent Alpha's research project. He's determined to complete the studies and become an all-powerful Diamond Beareronce Chris delivers Calli to him. What General Harding fails to understand is that Diamond Bearers are not the most powerful individuals on the face of the earth. They are agents of nature, working for Crimsonthe creator of the Sanguine Diamond. Upsetting the balance of nature is the last thing General Harding should do.

Follow Calli, Chris, Brand, and Crimson in the dramatic conclusion of The Unaltered Series as they battle Deus Ex, undead Healers, and General Harding, in an effort to balance nature.

Suzanne G. says:  ". . . massive amounts of originality & imagination, swirled in with all the intrigue, suspense, romance, and mystery.  . . ."

Available for  $3.99 at:
Amazon  Barnes&Noble  Smashwords

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another chance to win a Sanguine Diamond replica ...


 Congratulations to:

Shortiepower for winning the Forum giveaway!!  

Susan Gould-Leighton for winning the Rafflecopter giveaway!!

**Contests have ended**
I'm hosting two different contests to win a 2 1/2" Sanguine Diamond replica and a FREE download of book 4, The Diamond Bearers' Destiny, which releases December 20th. 

One contest can be found on the forum, and the second contest is listed down below. You may enter both. Good Luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway