Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Diamond in my Pocket STILL on
Barnes&Noble Teen Bestseller list

Amazing summer! Many thanks to all my readers who have helped The Unaltered Series to climb the charts at Barnes&Noble for NOOK.  
A Diamond in my Pocket is still ranked around 140 on the Teen Bestseller list with a B&N sales rank of 1,521. Now the book has 175 reviews with an overall 4.5stars. 

"Pocket's" success has boosted sales for A Diamond in my Heart as well which has a current B&N sales rank of 8,549 and 50 reviews with an overall 4.5 stars.

Thanks again to my many readers and please continue to share my books with your friends!

**UPDATE** Book 3, THE DIAMOND OF FREEDOM, is now available!
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  1. I can't wait til the third installment comes out! I downloaded the first book the other day and read both books within 2 days. Bring on the third book!

    Do you have a date yet? I see that you said the end of the summer, so it should be soon.

  2. when are the books going to come out

  3. It is now 2013 and i have not seen or heard of the fact that the third and fourth book have been realesed into b and n nook. Please put them on nook! You said that it would be out in 2012! Why is itnot!

  4. Stephanie, Azalea, Caroline: No one wishes book 3 was out there more than I do. So much has taken precedence during 2012 causing a delay to my book's release. Rest assured, I'm working hard on it. Stay tuned!

  5. It is now March. I hope the problems keeping you from finnishing books 3 and 4 are resolved soon. The first two are well written with good stories. A little more info on some of the lesser charicters would be nice. Staying tuned.

  6. When is the third book coming out

  7. Yes the third book is out! Have to go buy it